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Monday - Saturday 7:30am to 7:00pm

Sunday - 9AM-6PM

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Unlimited Wash Club

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Express Wash

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Prepaid Washes

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Microfiber Towel Exchange


Unlimited Wash Club

Why Special Programs?

We truly believe in providing an above and beyond experience for our customers. By creating innovative and easy to join programs, we make your wash experience even better!

The Unlimited Wash Club Program

The easiest way to keep your vehicle looking great through every season. Our unlimited wash program allows you to visit either of our two Northland locations and have your vehicle washed up to once a day, any day. You can sign up online and then make a visit to our location so one of our associates can attach an RFID code to your windshield. When you come in next, we’ll scan it and you’ll be granted access to our wash tunnel!


Microfiber Towel Exchange Program

Having a few extra accessories to keep your vehicle looking it’s best is always a good thing. Our $3¬† microfiber towels are the perfect accessory to keep in your vehicle and wipe down surfaces during and between washes. When your towel gets dirty, just bring it in on your next visit and we’ll exchange it for a clean one!


Prepaid Wash Program

What’s easier than purchasing a car wash ahead of time? Our pre-paid washes also make the perfect gift. Simply purchase them through our online store and on your next visit, redeem it and be granted access to our wash tunnel!

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