Wash Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions & Vehicles we cannot wash

Vehicles taller than 7’5″

Vehicles that sit 4.5″ or lower to the ground

Vehicles with tire widths greater than 12.5″ to 13″ (varies by location)

Trucks with dual rear tires

Vehicles with excessive or caked-on mud.

Open bed pickup trucks with debris, tools, straps, rope or any other loose materials

Vacuums at both Gladstone & Tiffany Springs locations are free for use to customers who purchase one of our express wash packages.

Vehicles with permanently affixed tri-pod style mirrors

Extended height transit vans

Vehicles with oversized ladder racks

Vehicles with bicycle or wheelchair racks installed

Vehicles we can wash but cannot guarantee against damage during normal wash process

Vehicles with previous damage that may expand such as paint abrasions, paint chipping, or cracked windshields

Vehicles with loose or glued on items

Vehicles with convertible tops.

Vehicles with non-factory or modified items, especially non-factory wheels

Vehicles with sun visors or bug shields

Vehicles with non-retractable antennas or mirrors

Vehicles with running boards

Vehicles with luggage racks

Older model vehicles

What can I expect when I arrive?

You will be greeted by one of our friendly customer service advisors who will guide you through the process. You will be instructed when to put your vehicle in neutral, and the car wash does the rest!

Do you clean the inside of my vehicle?

All of our express wash packages are exterior only, but include use of our free self-serve vacuums. 

Do you offer monthly plans?

Yes, we do. We offer three different unlimited wash plans starting at only $22. For more information, visit our unlimited wash club page.

Are you a touchless wash? 

The Better Wash is not a touchless wash. We are a brushless wash that only uses soft foam materials to gently wash your vehicle. A touchless wash, on the other hand, does not use any media that comes into direct contact with your vehicle. The Better Wash is completely safe for your vehicle.

Why can’t you accept muddy vehicles? 

​We love getting dirty vehicles clean, it’s what we do. However, we cannot wash vehicles with excessive or caked-on mud because the mud can get in our cloths, making it impossible to clean your vehicle or any vehicles behind it. At our Gladstone location, where we still prep vehicles, we cannot stop our conveyor for the amount of time it would take us to remove the mud from your vehicle before you enter the cloths. This would significantly slow down the wash time for you, customers in front of you, and customers behind you. Additionally, there are strict environmental regulations we must follow to dispose of the mud we remove from your vehicle, and our drainage pits are not designed to process heavy mud. 

Why does my truck bed have to be empty?

To protect the safety of our customers, our staff, and our facilities, we ask for truck beds to be completely empty. Any loose debris in an open bed truck can be thrown from the bed and become a hazard to your truck, as well as other vehicles, our staff, and our facilities. Additionally, items in truck beds can become entangled in the equipment, potentially causing damage to your vehicle or our facilities. 

Do you towel dry my vehicle? 

At our new generation car wash at Tiffany Springs, we use the newest technology drying system. This system combines heated air with powerful directional blowing that eliminates the need for hand drying and leaves your vehicle bone dry. At our Gladstone location, which is a first generation site that has not been upgraded with new drying technology, we still hand dry vehicles.

Happiness is driving a clean car.

At the Better Wash, we know nothing beats the satisfaction of driving a clean, shiny car and we’re committed to giving you that feeling of satisfaction every time you visit us. No matter which location you visit or what service you choose, we promise you will always leave our facilities feeling satisfied and impressed. From our knowledgeable staff to our quality chemicals, we guarantee you the best car wash experience possible.

Car in the Washing Station. Cleaning Modern Vehicle Using Pressure Washer.

Unlimited Wash Club

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