Microfiber Towel Exchange Program

Designed with the environment in mind, our microfiber towel exchange program is the most innovative way to give your vehicle a little extra TLC after your wash.

microfiber towel exchange program towel

How It Works

Simply purchase a microfiber towel for a one-time fee of three dollars, keep the towel in your vehicle, and every time you visit, exchange your used towel for a clean, fresh one.

Terms & Conditions

Microfiber towels are intended to be used on the interior, door jambs, and body of your vehicle. Towels that have been used on engines, tires, or are similarly soiled may not be exchanged as they cannot be used again in the program.

Why Microfiber?

You can find microfiber in many household products, furniture, and clothing. But what is it, exactly? Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that is both incredibly versatile and adaptable. It is made from super thin fibers that with a diameter less than a strand of silk. When used in combination for a car wash or car care, microfiber has an outstanding property that makes it a perfect tool! It’s highly water absorbing and can hold over seven times it’s on weight in water. It is also excellent at trapping dirt, debris, and bacteria.

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