Happiness is driving a clean car.

At the Better Wash, we know nothing beats the satisfaction of driving a clean, shiny vehicle and we’re committed to giving you that feeling of satisfaction every time you visit us. No matter which location you visit or what service you choose, we promise you will always leave our facilities feeling satisfied and impressed. From our knowledgeable staff to our quality chemicals, we guarantee you the best car wash experience possible.

Car in the Washing Station. Cleaning Modern Vehicle Using Pressure Washer.

Unlimited Wash Club

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Express Wash

About Our Services

Over the years, we’ve noticed that our customers want more from their local car wash. We’ve made a point to develop awesome services to fit each individuals need and create a more complete wash experience.

The Unlimited Wash Club

We encourage our customers who want consistently clean vehicles to sign up for our Unlimited Wash Club. We offer three different packages for your preference. Upon purchase of the unlimited wash plan, a wash attendant will place an RFID sticker on your windshield. When you visit us next, you’ll gain access to the unlimited wash lane where your vehicle will instantly be read by our RFID reader. You’ll then proceed towards our wash tunnel!

Express Wash

When you arrive, you’ll head down our stacking lanes towards the payment terminals where you’ll be met by one of our smiling wash associates who will guide you through our wash menu. 

Then you’ll head towards our wash tunnel where you’ll be guided onto the conveyor system by our wash associate and reminded to ensure your vehicle is in neutral, feet are off the pedals, antennas are in, and your hands are off the wheel. At this point you can relax, and we’ll do the rest! 

As you move through the better wash experience, your vehicle will receive a pre-soak, gentle wash, rinse, and dry using carefully chosen, high-tech equipment, and privately labelled, environmentally friendly chemicals.

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